Automotive Internet & E-Mail

Sensible Driver

eMail & Embedded Marketing Progams

for Auto Dealers & Auto Repair Shops

Some of the key components:
Custom & curated content
High quality sales leads
Vehicle & coupon offers
Simple-to-understand analytics
Responsive e-mail campaigns

Sales & Retention e-Mail Newsletters

Choose from several affordable packages 

Generate an avalanche of traffic from new and existing customers. Our newsletter programs are designed specifically for auto dealers and repair shops.

Each program is fully managed--we do the work and you get the results. Creating offers. Building campaigns. Writing articles. Managing lists and analyzing results.

It's everything needed for a successful e-newsletter program.

The Customer Central dashboard and campaign platform gives you access to results, fast.

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This program includes:
Embedded articles
Embedded coupons
DealerStats tracking
DMS Sync
Responsive e-mail campaigns

Increase site traffic more than 1000%

It's true. Every click goes directly to your website. Wow!

ContentStream fills out the important stuff most website providers leave out, namely content. Such as vehicle overviews, service features, car care tips, driving destinations, coupon offers and videos.

Also, ContentStream powers the next generation of e-mail newsletters. Every click sends your customers directly to articles and offers on your dealer or shop website.

Discover how ContentStream can build your site traffic.

View your results quickly through Customer Central, a robust campaign platform and dashboard.

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Targets popular networks:
Google AdWords
Bing Ad Center
Facebook Business
Responsive ad services
Geo-fencing programs

Find new customers. Fast.

We'll shepherd your ads on the internet's best networks.

The right ad brings customers to your digital door. We combine great ads with great content to help you attract buyers.

The ContentStream engine with dynamic pages makes your campaigns relevant to visitors. It improves your ranking with Google AdWords and Bing Ad Center.

And that helps lower ad cost and make it more likely to convert visitors into buyers.

All your results are stored in Customer Central, your single point of access for campaign information.

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This e-Program includes:
ContentStream engine
Coupon Manager
DynamicContent ad pages
Mobile websites
Customer Central Dashboard

Optimized for Service & Parts centers and auto shops

Dynamic. Mobile-friendly. Starting as low as $99.

Our sites are content rich and optimized for mobile users--60% or more of all visitors.

WebDriver sites make it easy for customers to find what they need and share it with friends. They are SEO-friendly, Google compliant and offer a whole lot of content. 

In fact. the ContentStream engine provides a rich environment of articles, coupon offers and video. Customers stay around longer--digital folks call it a low bounce rate (and that's a good thing!).

You can use our curated or custom content. Or you may easliy add your content. It's a walk in the digital park.

Each of our sites offers DynamicContent, which improves advertising results and lowers cost. View your results in Customer Central.

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This program includes:
Targeted remarketing
Buyback e-campaigns
DMS Sync
Lead integration

Content marketing drives sales. 

Zero in on customers who are ready to buy.

SalesDriver helps dealerships and auto shops target customers who have expressed interest in their products and services. It automatically identifies sales leads and gives them specific content related to their interests.

Follow-up e-mail campaigns may be sent once or spread out over months. Customer Central collects and sends lead generation reports automatically.

SalesDriver integrates with CRM systems through ADF.  Or reports may be sent by email to one or multiple recipients.

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This e-Program includes:
Automated e-mail reminders
Content integration
Customer Central Dashboard
Coupon Engine
DMS Sync

Give customers a reason to come back. 

Get an appointment on their to-do list at just the right time.

EZ Reminders sends the right message at the right time for service and repair. But it doesn't stop there.

Our reminder app can send out any type of follow-up. And you can include engaging content with every email campaign--educational articles, videos, slideshows and coupon offers.

Customer Central, a robust management dashboard and program platform, automates the process and produces results. You can drill down into every click or get an overview of campaign activity.

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