Kihon Media helps you attract and retain customers through innovative e-mail programs.

Our flagship program called "Sensible Driver®,"attracts and retains customers for auto dealerships and auto-repair shops.

Sensible DriverConnect. Engage. Acquire.™

Sensible Driver® is an integrated internet program that generates traffic and increases sales. The program offers a complete solution rather than a piecemeal approach to e-mail marketing. It addresses new and used car sales, service orders, parts and accessory orders.

Quality is essential, results paramount. Kihon Media offers both. We understand your market, your customers and their needs. We have a proven history of successful e- marketing programs for the auto industry.

Our editorial team has extensive experience in traditional and on-line media. They are journalists who are experts in content marketing. They pride themselves on turning a good phrase and explaining the story--and using that expertise to engage your customers.

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