3-Point Conversion

Turn prospects to sales with 3-Point Conversion

Your business can turn prospects into customers using Kihon Media's proven strategy of integrated e-marketing programs. We call it the 3-Point Conversion.

The strategy combines three separate routes for obtaining the sale:

  • search engine marketing
  • customer e-mail program
  • in-store promotions

Your business can capture customer information and "convert" prospects to sales when they are ready to buy. Although the programs operate independently, they contain common elements that promote your business.

For instance, an auto dealership can build sales before and after a holiday promotion. A pay-per-click campaign can attract prospects through sites such as Yahoo! and Google. Existing customers can get an e-mail announcement. And walk-in customers can participate in a contest, allowing dealers to send follow up e-mail campaigns.

By addressing all three avenues—search engine marketing, e-mail campaigns and in-store promotions—your business builds customer traffic. It also gets multiple opportunities for a "conversion," or sale.