Coordinate your internet sales strategy

Think of your sales and marketing strategy like a football game. The coaches, scouts, offense and defense work in a coordinated effort to move the ball down the field and score.

The same goes for successful businesses. Yet, internet strategies often are disconnected or treated as independent applications. There is no coordination on both sides of the ball.

Kihon Media looks at all of its e-programs as integrated solutions.  What happens with one of your digital programs may be leveraged by another. This is particularly true when driving foot traffic to your business.

As an example, automotive dealers and repair shops can leverage different aspects of our Sensible Driver digital program. Every time someone clicks on your ads, they also are directed to landing pages with relevant content--such as new vehicle information or auto repair services.

Customers can print coupons designed specifically for your ad campaign.  And they can schedule services directly from digital coupons--allowing you to capture new customers and new email addresses.

You also may encourage site visitors to submit their email addresses for future offers. Your list grows. Your prospects grow. And your sales grow.

Creating a list building process pays continual dividents. Your e-mail list can be mined for gold when you send out your next adblast campaign. 

Allow integrated e-marketing programs to score for your business. As they say on the gridiron, works both sides of the ball. 

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