Kihon Media Launches Sensible Driver, a Customer Retention & Sales Program for Auto Dealerships and Repair Shops

Sensible Driver offers timely, relevant information through a fully integrated e-mail marketing program that includes email magazine, car care website and coupon engine

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (June 21, 2005)—Kihon Media announced today the release of Sensible Driver™, a fully integrated, customized and optimized e-mail marketing program. Every month auto dealership or repair shop customers get timely, relevant and professionally written information, including maintenance recommendations, car care suggestions, pre-owned vehicle specials and new car announcements through an e-mail magazine linked to a car care website.

Sensible Driver increases sales through the quality e-mail program. It includes comprehensive content to attract new customers and keep current customers coming back. The Sensible Driver staff does all of the work, including maintaining the e-mail list, creating content and distributing e-mails, while dealers reap all of the benefits. Most importantly, Sensible Driver ensures that the database is continually updated; including regular data downloads from dealer DMS systems.

"Whether you run a dealership or a repair shop, Sensible Driver acts as bridge between your business and its customers," saidJay Alling, Kihon Media. "Buyers have plenty of choices when it comes to getting their car service or buying a new vehicle. Sensible Driver gives them a reason to consider you first. Sensible Driver delivers customers."

The Sensible Driver e-newsletter uses a "soft sell" wrapped in professionally-written editorial content. It has proven effective at sending customer traffic to a dealership brick and mortar and website. The program addresses every profit center—new cars, used cars, service maintenance along with parts and accessories. The program also includes the Sensible Driver Car Care website, which provides an inquiry form, vehicle e-brochures, and more. The car care website is a content-rich site that customers can find through search engine optimization and social media integration. The site provides a venue for delivery of promotions, to research vehicles, or to make on-line appointments.

Finally, expert reports are available to do polling on a database for detailed tracking of e-mails and the car care website. Reports show where visitors are coming from and what they did when they opened the e-mail or landed on the car care website. All clicked links are tracked to show when and where visitors left the site.

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About Kihon Media

Kihon Media helps auto dealers generate sales through Sensible Driver, a customer retention program for internet. Sensible Driver includes monthly e-mails sent to customer and prospect lists. The program offers a satellite website packed with auto-related information, integrated links to a main site, targeted e-mail campaigns, dealer-specific specials and coupons, service and parts order forms, employee and facility photos, vehicle e-brochures and extensive tracking. The combination of professionally-written articles and dealer-specific incentives has proven effective at many dealerships. Sensible Driver is a cost-effective way to increase sales for all your profit centers — new and used vehicles, service, parts and accessories. For more information, visit

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