Kihon Media Launches New Version of Sensible Driver, Online Customer Retention & Sales Program for Auto Dealerships and Servicing Centers

Version 2.0 offers enhanced website, e-mail, and increases customer retention through integrated, optimized and customized Sensible Coupon Engine functionality

FOLSOM, Calif. (April 7, 2011) Kihon Media, a leader in online auto dealer customer retention programs, announced today the release of Sensible Driver™, Version 2.0., a fully integrated, customized and optimized online marketing program designed for the automotive industry. The new version of Sensible Driver includes enhancements and increased functionality throughout all the Sensible Driver modules. The comprehensive system includes the Sensible Driver website, Sensible Driver e-magazine, and an updated Sensible Coupon Engine built upon the base e-mail marketing program platform.

"For many customers the car maintenance, and car buying experience, can be a source of anxiety. Through Sensible Driver, we've been using technology from Kihon Media to minimize this stress for about four years," Says Dominic Campaneli, Fixed Ops manager, Roseville Toyota.

Through the Sensible Driver email marketing program, dealerships and maintenance centers can deliver timely, relevant and professionally written information to customers every month with e-magazine. Information can include:

  • Maintenance recommendations
  • Car care suggestions
  • Pre-owned vehicle specials
  • New car announcements

Combined with the Sensible Driver website, that offers more in-depth content, the program is designed to drive traffic to a corporate website and brick-and-mortar location.

In Version 2.0, the Sensible Driver e-magazine has been further optimized for all of the major e-mail services: Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo!, AOL and Microsoft Outlook. These timely e-mail campaigns get delivered right to an "inbox," not the "bulk mail folder." Special coding assures that campaigns look professional when they arrive.

"With Sensible Driver, every month your customers receive the Sensible Driver e-magazine, a content-rich, best-of-class marketing tool," says Jay Alling, Kihon Media. Every e-mail is a professionally-designed campaign that mirrors the look and feel of your website. They reflect the quality of your dealership or repair shop.

Sensible Driver Coupon Engine Further enhanced in version 2.0

The Sensible Coupon Engine fuels sales for service, parts, tires and accessories. Sensible Driver manages all coupons for the dealership or repair shop. The coupons are integrated with content in the Sensible Driver e-mail program. Most importantly, the Sensible Driver Coupon Engine has tabs within the landing page. This HTML-functionality enables each tab to be associated with a unique URL, meaning that customers can send out communications to consumers that promote a specific tab and promotion. Direct email campaigns can be programmed to drive consumers to specific tabs, ultimately enhancing the consumer's experience with fewer clicks to the promotions specifically customized for them.

Additionally, the new Tire Center feature is an innovative application within the Sensible Coupon Engine that promotes new tire sales. Finally, electronic coupons can be sent directly to a parts and service advisor or to a friend at the click of a button.

"We are finding that our customers increasingly use online sources to begin any auto maintenance or buying project and we have found that our newsletter provides an optional path of communication with our customers in a non-intrusive way. By talking to them through a media they are most comfortable with, like email, websites and online tools, we have drastically decreased the level of friction our customers' encounter," concludes Campaneli.

Roseville Toyota

Roseville Toyota
With Version 2.0, the Sensible Coupon site is kept fresh so customers always find something of value, enhancing the customer's online experience when looking for service or buying a vehicle.

About Kihon Media

Kihon Media helps auto dealers generate sales through Sensible Driver™, a customer retention program for the internet. Sensible Driver includes monthly e-mails sent to customer and prospect lists. The program offers a car care website packed with auto-related information, integrated links to a main site, targeted e-mail campaigns, dealer-specific specials and coupons, service and parts order forms, employee and facility photos, vehicle e-brochures and extensive tracking. The combination of professionally-written articles and dealer-specific incentives has proven effective at many dealerships. Sensible Driver is a cost-effective way to increase sales for all your profit centers—new and used vehicles, service, parts and accessories. For more information, visit