Sales AdBlast

Create highly targeted e-mail promotions

The internet provides an effective way to get out the word on sales specials and incentives.

The AdBlast Campaign program helps businesses reduce overstocked inventory, move old items and announce new products or services. It gives businesses a timely and effective way to distribute messages directly to your customer's "inbox."

Every AdBlast Campaign is a custom-designed message. Just like an ad that appears in a newspaper or magazine, the AdBlast Campaign is built around compelling graphics and an offer.

Links within the AdBlast Campaign drives customers to your website or a special "landing page." Customers can purchase your product directly or send an inquiry directly to your sales staff.

Kihon Media optimizes every AdBlast Campaign for e-mail programs such as Google, Yahoo!, AOL and Outlook. It is delivered right to your customer's inbox and looks great when it gets there.

  • Custom AdBlast development
  • Embedded links for sales inquiries
  • Custom landing pages
  • Optimized e-mail deliverability